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How to Freshen Breath and Whiten Teeth Naturally

I grew up not whiter teeth or even better breath. I later learned that this may be due to certain health problems such as dysbrosis but there are some steps you can take. Finding a good natural toothpaste is a step in the right direction, I personally use Tom Maine fluoride free toothpaste that is widely available in stores and online. There may be some other brands of natural toothpaste, Tom’s of Maine but also environmentally friendly as well. Before a natural toothpaste and natural mouthwash (which you can do yourself) also contributes to tissue and remove the tongue with a tongue scraper.

Before brushing, I use my own mouthwash, which is a combination of equal parts of hydrogen peroxide, water and natural mouthwash. I combine the hydrogen peroxide, water and mouthwash mouthwash natural in an old container, then fill it when I need it. A natural mouthwash, TheraFresh that you can use in many stores and online retailers must also be found. There are some other brands of natural mouthwash that you can use, or if you feel you can make your own. With natural mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide not only freshen breath, but also whiten teeth and kill all bacteria and. It can also help in the recovery of any dental practice or help a breast infection / virus thanks to its anti-bacterial properties.

To enhance your natural toothpaste I connect a little “baking soda and sea salt when I brush my teeth. With the addition of sodium bicarbonate and sea salt helps stain and whiten teeth again., You can choose, baking powder and sea salt in a container, I have combined an old salt container.

To make the process that I use is that I recommend flossing, tongue scraping together using gargle / swish natural mouthwash for 30 seconds, then brush with toothpaste with the addition of baking soda and salt sailor. I do it once a day, and all that is needed to brush your teeth before going to sleep and breathe and do much better.

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